Coping with COVID-19 – Keeping the Kids Relaxed

There is no doubt that we are living in unprecedented times. The coronavirus pandemic has not just created an unseen threat to our health, it has also changed how we live, at least temporarily. Dealing with these drastic changes presents new challenges for us all, and life can be a strange mix of frustration and concern that leaves nerves frayed. Finding methods to deal with this new way of living is important for everyone, and keeping the kids relaxed and as stress-free as possible is part of that. Here are some tips to help your family cope with COVID-19.

7 Tips for Relaxation

Helping children relax not only allows them to cope with the situation better, but it will be good for you too! Here are seven things you can do to keep children relaxed in this unfamiliar situation:

Talk to them about what is happening – They already know that things have changed, so don’t try and hide it from them. They will be more relaxed if they know you are being honest.

Take time to breathe – Get the children to grab their favorite cuddly toy, sit down in a comfy spot and get them to breathe slowly in and out. If they can focus on the quiet, it’s great for the children and you.

Listen to music – Pick some gentle and relaxing music for them to listen. Meditation music works well too, so you can try getting the children to lie down and close their eyes and listen.

Make sure they stay hydrated – Dehydration had been linked to several behavioral problems. Give them a tall glass of cold water, and let them sit and drink it slowly. It can be an effective calming tool that relaxes them in a timely manner.

Try some art – Get the paint brushes out and let your children express themselves. Visual arts have long been linked with resilience to stress. For children, it allows them to put emotions they may struggle with out on paper, hence helping them relax.

Create a calm down jar – Take a canning jar and fill it with water, then add some food coloring and glitter. Now let the child shake the jar and focus on the glitter as it settles. This 3 to 5 minutes of quiet time will help them to relax.

 Children’s Yoga – There are many videos and guides available for child-safe yoga poses. Not only do they get to practice yoga with you, but getting in shape means concentrating and relaxation comes as a result.