The Bayside Bunch Quarantined in Queens

There is a dark cloud over the Bayside Queens community. A virus called COVID-19 has reached Queens, and for the Bayside Bunch that means trouble. Public School 411 Elementary now must deal with the changes to their lives this virus has caused Selwyn is on his way to see Principal Jones before reading the morning announcements. Principal Jones informed the children at Public School 411 Elementary will be closed the next day. A note will be sent home to all parents by end of school day. The Bayside Bunch are worried about the information in Principal Jones’s note to parents. They all think Selwyn has read it, but he will not say what was in it. What did the Principal’s note say? Why is Selwyn worried? How will school closure affect the children at Public School 411 Elementary? Read the funny tale Quarantined in Queens and find out.

ISBN: 978-1735245706
Language: English
Reading Level: 1.9-4.9

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