Meet the Bayside Bunch




Selwyn is a leader in the group. He is a kind, caring, and trustworthy kid. Also, he will go to great lengths to help a friend. Selwyn finds confidence in journal writing. It allows him to reflect and understand his surroundings.

Favorite Food:  Pizza
Snack: Apples, Grapes
Hobby: Collecting Marbles, Coins


QB is easy-going and friendly. He is responsible, enjoys math and science activities at school. QB is a great listener that occasionally gives the group feedback.

Favorite Food: Cheeseburger & French Fries
Snack: Popcorn, Pretzels
Hobby:  Art & Crafts 



Chico is calm, easy-going, and friendly. Aside from the occasional input into the group conversation, chico usually tends to keep to himself. Also, he enjoys playing video games and reading comic books.

Favorite Food: Tacos
Snack: Cheese Sticks, Crackers
Hobby:  Video Games, Comic Books


Grace is straightforward and gets right to the point when she speaks. She is confident and helps to keep the group focused during times of uncertainty. Also, she will always lend a hand when the group is undertaking a project.

Favorite Food: Chicken Nuggets & French Fries
Snack: Chocolate Ice cream
Hobby:  Drama, Recycle Paper


Lily is a shy girl. She is the only member of the group that plays a musical instrument. Playing the violin helps to build her self-esteem and confidence at school.

Favorite Food: Tacos
Snack Food: Jelly Beans
Hobby: Violin

The Bayside Bunch
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The Bayside Bunch
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The Bayside Bunch
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