We are a children’s book publisher who focus on urban stories that champion a diverse cast of characters. The goal is to inspire children with positive messages from characters who are like them.

Writing good stories is all about what is inside you. To tell a good story, you have to have a story you really want to tell. But we also wanted to tell stories that embraced the diversity of real life, characters that our readers could see in themselves, and be part of the story.

No. In fact, I set my heart on becoming a Teacher. As I grew older though, I found that I loved writing, and I loved writing stories children could enjoy and learn from even more.

Everywhere! None of them are real people, but there are bits of friends from our own school days, family and people we’ve met over the years all smooshed together to make the characters in our adventures.

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There are a couple of things to know, first, if you have a story idea in your head, write it. Don’t wait for ‘the right time’, do it now. If you are struggling with a style to write it, think about your favorite book. Try and write in that style. As you go along you will find your own way but following a style the first time can help you get a feel for writing and understanding why the author wrote that way to begin with. Remember, writing is a learning process, so find someone who can give you constructive and honest criticism. That is how you improve. Finally, good luck and we hope to read your book one day.

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