Coping with COVID-19 – Keeping Children’s Minds Occupied

keeping children mind occupied

In such a challenging situation, where children are away from school and friends, it is important to provide several avenues to help them cope with the situation and provide a stable routine for them as they adapt to a new way of living, at least for a moment.

Here are some ideas for activities that can help de-stress and provide a structure that encourages children to look beyond the home to a broader society.


Create a Daily Journal

Getting each child to write down their thoughts and memories from each day in their very own journal can be therapeutic and provide insight into how the child feels. It can also involve art, such as drawing pictures of their cat or whatever activity they did to help them focus on positive things. If you can, organize this with other parents so that children can share their stories with friends and reduce the feeling of isolation that is perhaps the most challenging struggle at this time.

Quiet Time

Using relaxing music and creating a quiet time where the child is encouraged to lie down and listen can be quite beneficial. It makes a calming influence every day that takes the child away from the world’s uncertainty around them. Using a favorite cuddly toy as a prop is a great idea that can be calming and relaxing for children.


Reading transports your child to another world. Whether it is adventure or humor, the child lives out the story. Even if you are stuck at home, they can be sailing the open seas, searching for treasure, or enjoying an adventure at school, or hundreds of other worlds. Just 20 minutes each day is great for their education and well-being. It is another activity you can bring into group experiences by encouraging them to talk to their friends about the book in email or video chats. Reading is once again a way to connect daily activities at home with their friends, making them seem a little closer.

Blending activities at home with sharing their experiences with friends in the digital world can make a huge difference to stress levels and their sense of belonging with other groups. Encourage sharing experiences and conversations to help children maintain those connections and feel less isolated from their friends. Maintaining that connection to normality with friends is an essential tool to keep children happy and stress-free.