Coping with COVID-19 – Helping Your Child Deal with a Stressful Situation

helping with your child

The COVID-19 disease has affected us all. With no school and having to stay away from friends, this means life has changed for every child. Seeing that this is new for everyone, there are many things that children may find difficult to understand. That can cause stress as the children struggle to process new emotions caused by a situation out of their control. There are things we can do to make this easier for them, nevertheless.

Coping with Stress

For children, the biggest issue in dealing with the pandemic is different emotions. The unknown can be scary, and we are deep in it right now, even more so because the usual routines have changed dramatically. With no school, missing friends, parents at home, and so on, it has become a very different world for them. Dramatic changes can bring out many emotions, and for children who are unable to deal with this, stress levels can rise.

It is important to create activities to help relieve stress for children at home. Getting the paintbrushes out and letting them express themselves through art is a great way to de-stress. You could also consider exercise such as kid-safe yoga, which provides a way for them to focus, relax, and get rid of stress. Calming music and quiet time with their favorite cuddly toy can offer a simple but effective de-stress routine for children of all ages.

Mindful Activities

Mindful activities help children focus on positivity and push away the negatives that are the source of stress. For instance, creativity is a great way to introduce mindful exercise into the children’s’ routine. We talked about painting being a great stress reliever, but there are more artistic activities available. For instance, making friendship bracelets is a cool way to focus on what is important, but children not seeing their friends takes on a new meaning, given the current state of things.