Buffalo educator writes children’s book on COVID

Dr. Unseld Robinson
Dr. Unseld Robinson, author & educator

CLARENCE, NY – “There are many children who are afraid about the COVID-19. Their parents who are afraid about COVID,” remarked Dr. Unseld Robinson, author.

Dr. Robinson, a Buffalo educator and author, is trying to help ease fears of COVID-19 among children and parents with a new book called “The Bayside Bunch Quarantined in Queens.” Another tool to help families ‘manage the pressure.’

“This children’s book is dedicated to all the essential workers that are helping businesses and industries stay open,” Dr. Robinson read. Robinson, who serves as assistant principal at the Arthur O. Eve School in Buffalo, sat in a chair inside the from Monkey See, Monkey do Children’s Book Store on Main Street in Clarence reading from his new book.


Dr Unseld Robinson on his new book for children’s on COVID

“The purpose behind writing the book is too instill confidence in children and the family as a whole,” Robinson explained. Robinson said his book is based on real-life characters that he grew up with in New York City.

“The Bayside Bunch is a combination of family and friends — individuals that I’ve know since — I mean more than 45 years,” reflected Dr. Robinson. “We’re just a group of boys, kinda of hanging out near the Bay and just experiencing different adventures, learning from each other and just telling stories, so that’s how the concept of the Bayside Bunch came about.”

Robinson uses the book to tell what he calls “a funny tale of quarantined in Queens” to help children and families feel better about COVID-19.

“Because it’s very difficult, you know, being a parent, being at home — you’re thinking about COVID-19 and you’re thinking about the impact on your children,” Robinson said.

Robinson’s book also provides some important information from the CDC on COVID and some ‘helpful tips’ for parents.

The book includes a letter to parents to engage their kids in reading and writing.

Robinson says he starting writing and keeping a journal in first grade. He still keeps in touch with his former teacher who is now 93.

“I remember speaking to my first grade teacher — we are still in contact and she reminded me about the importance of journaling and writing and thinking critically,” Robinson noted.

Robinson says as an African American educator it’s very important for children to learn kindness and diversity.

“I like to look at this book as creating an alliance with all races — ethnicity’s to come together,” responded Robinson. “To really focus in on a plan that’s going to keep children healthy, keeping them safe, but most importantly — keeping them growing.”

The book is Robinson’s second. His first was “The Bayside Bunch Go See The Principal.”

Robinson said his favorite part of his latest book is “all the characters” and how they “interact with each other.”

Robinson’s books are available at the Monkey See, Monkey Do, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.