Coping with COVID-19 – Being Part of the School Community

being part of the school

The school is a community that consists of more than just teachers and support staff. Talking to them about your child, their assignments and progress are all crucial in ensuring that they are making the most of the education provided. Sharing your experiences and thoughts can have a positive impact on your well-being, and that is something you should not ignore.

There are other parents just like you who have the same worries and concerns as it relates to coping with the challenges of COVID-19. Speaking with them can add to your confidence and help you stay positive throughout the situation.

If your school is holding virtual parent meetings, there are good opportunities to discuss these things and connect with others who understand how you feel. In addition to working together and creating new ways to deliver education, you will find relief and strength in the support of those who share your experiences.

Connecting with other parents, especially those of your child’s friends, is a great way to organize group activities as well. Video chat or email conversations may not be enough interaction as you would like, but it can reinforce the children’s sense of belonging and remind them they are not alone.

Staying positive and productive

By providing a virtual medium for children and parents to speak with teachers and each other, it allows everyone to maintain some degree of connection that will contribute positively to one’s mental health. In fact, it can bring more relief than you think. Other than the general performance of the children, these virtual platforms can be used to discuss other matters such as getting the wider school community involved and allow people to offer their honest opinion on the way forward. It is a platform for positivity that reminds us all that we are not alone, and there are others to offer support, listen and guide. In fact, they will be able to receive the same from you too.

Despite your time as a parent, whether long or short, you are also in an unfamiliar and unnerving situation that most of us still don’t fully understand. Having doubts and concerns is quite natural, but by sharing your experiences and asking for assistance as required, you build a positive approach that gives you confidence in what you do. This in turn, will ensure that your child has the best experience possible throughout the time school is closed, maintaining their education while giving them room to still have some fun.